Drain Smart container-drainer discs are the convenient and easy way to drain your pots. No more messy gravel, bark or packing peanuts. Drain Smart discs come in two sizes; 9 inch and 6 inch. Simply place the Drain Smart disc in your pot and then fill with soil and your plant. At the end of the season, simply wash and re-use next year! Click here to read more about our range and our Drain Smart technology, and why materials such as gravel and bark can hinder rather than help drainage in containers and pots.

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We are proud to work with our garden partner Potrisers who make invisible pot feet for containers.   CLICK HERE  to see further information at www.potrisers.com.


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All Year Container Gardening?

Did you know that there are many perennials and shrubs that can live for several years in a container?  Some great advice from Fine Gardening Magazine. For more flower and plant ideas,  CLICK HERE.

Drainage material added to containers and pots can actually hinder drainage rather than help.  Read the scientific facts in this article about why using rocks, gravel and bark to aid drainage is an urban myth:  CLICK HERE.