The Drain Smart Team

Steve Butler
Steve ButlerFounder & CEO
The Drain Smart team is led by founder and CEO Steve Butler. Steve grew frustrated with the messy, ineffective mediums that gardeners were using to drain garden containers. He especially noticed that gardeners living in urban settings had little storage for leftover bags of bark or gravel purchased for container draining.

Steve’s mission was to make it easy for someone who wanted a house plant or a planter of flowers on their deck to walk into a garden center and quickly and simply purchase a pot, a package of Drain Smart discs, topsoil and a plant.

Steve’s efforts paid off and Drain Smart can now be found in quality retail outlets across the USA and Canada, and is set to become the leading container-drainer product on the market.

Emma Nicholson
Emma NicholsonMarketing & PR
Emma supports Drain Smart with retail, distributor, marketing and PR activities across Europe, Canada, the US and Mexico. Emma is a keen gardener and cultivates a balance of container plants and desert-style landscapes in her yard; especially cactus. You can reach Emma by phone at +1 (206)407-3732.