How Does Drain Smart Work?

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Drain Smart utilizes proprietary technology, and was originally created by Steve Butler, founder and CEO of the company.

Each disc is composed of a 3/8 inch thick nylon mesh with a layer of geo-filter fabric heat-welded to one side. The nylon mesh elevates the filter off the bottom of the planter, allowing water to drain over the entire surface of the disc. The free space provided by the filter fabric encourages the water to drain directly into the mesh and then out of the planter.

The filter fabric is also designed to retain the soil and allows the water to pass through the mesh and out of the planter drain hole.

Drain Smart Disc Profile

Did you know that drainage material added to containers and pots can actually hinder drainage rather than help?  Read the scientific facts about why using gravel and bark to aid drainage is an urban myth; CLICK HERE.

Over time, since the soil particles are not allowed to migrate downwards, the soil establishes a structure that also facilities drainage.

Without the filter fabric, soil would continually migrate downwards, and would slowly clog the drainage container; this is what happens with gravel or bark. In addition, draining is slowed by bark/gravel/packing peanuts as water has to migrate horizontally rather than downwards. This doesn’t happen with Drain Smart as water is encouraged to drain downwards.

The Drain Smart 3-Step-Process:

Step 1: place disc grey-side up into your pot after cutting to size.

Step 2: fill your pot with your plant and soil.

Step 3: Water thoroughly, stand back and admire your work.