Drain Smart container-drainer discs are the cleaner, simpler way to drain your pots.  No more need for messy bark, gravel or packing peanuts and you can re-use your Drain Smart discs season after season with a little care.

Drain Smart advantages include:

  • Enhances drainage of water over entire area of disc.
  • Entire bottom of container drains consistently and evenly.
  • Minimizes over-watering reducing the chance of root rot.
  • Quick, easy & clean installation unlike messy gravel or bark.
  • No more storing of bulky bags of gravel or bark.
  • Prevents the soil migrating out of the container or pot.

Drain Smart discs come in two different sizes; the 9 inch disc and the 6 inch disc.  You can choose from two products: The 2-Pack that includes two 9 inch diameter discs, or The 5-Pack that includes five 6 inch diameter discs. Both sizes of disc can be trimmed easily with scissors to fit your container.

The 5-Pack (5 x 6 inch discs)
Recommended Price: $15.99


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The 2-Pack (2 x 9 inch discs)
Recommended Price: $9.99


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Did you know that drainage material added to containers and pots can actually hinder drainage rather than help?  Read the scientific facts in this article about why using rocks, gravel and bark to aid drainage is an urban myth:  CLICK HERE

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A case of 12 ships with minimal packaging.  We encourage recycling.